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There are so many walks in this area to suit all levels and needs. I have included one here to give an impression (taken from Mancomunidad Valle de Nalon’s website) but it’s a good idea to look at the links provided to get a better idea. Before you book to come here, we’ll talk about your needs and plan a programme of walks to suit you.

The full list of walks on the Mancomunidad Valle de Nalon’s website can be seen here. The ones that start in the local area are:

Ruta de Alba. PR.AS-62
Ruta de la Calzada Romana (Roman paved road) PR.AS-122
Ruta de la Sierra del Crespón. PR.AS-121
Ruta de la Collá de Isornu. PR.AS-120 (shown in detail below)
Ruta del Castañeru Montes. SL.AS-112
Ruta del Curyargayos. PR. AS-63
Ruta del Picu la Xamoca. PR.AS-123
Walking with Lobo Nomada Lunch with Lobo Nomada Ruta del Alba Cuaragayos Walking with Lobo Nomada Puerta de Tarna
Ruta de la Collá de Isornu. PR.AS-120
Starting point: Sotu d'Agues
Category: PR- Short route
Itinerary: Sotu d'Agues - El Retortoriu - Collada Isornu - Los Fresnos - Soto de Agues
Distance: 15 km
Duration: 5hr
Difficulty: Medium

Ruta de la Collá de Isornu. PR.AS-120

This route starts in Sotu d’Agues and is reached by the road from Riosceco, the capital of the Sobrescobio municipality. The first stretch of the route is along side the Alba River, following the path of the renown Ruta del Alba or Foces de Llaímo.
With a smooth and easy ascent you reach Campurru, where the loaders from the El Carmen iron mine are still preserved on Monte Llaímo. A bit further on you will find the small Retortoriu bridge, where you leave the main path to cross the river and continue on the other bank on a path bordered by chestnut and hazelnut trees.

The path steepens and ignoring the turnings off the trail you continue the walk under the leafy chestnuts. Continuing the ascent you arrive at the exceptional viewpoint of Cantu la Vega were you can contemplate the Alba Valley and the foothills of the Picu Retriñón. After crossing the area known as Manuela you reach the picturesque six huts of La Bauga that are flanked by ashes, where you can stop and enjoy the pastoral scenery.

A little higher you cross the small stream that goes down into the Praullongo Valley and continue the climb between grain fields and heather until reaching the Isornu pass with spectacular panoramas of the neighbouring Caliao Valley. From the saddle you go up the ridge of Xerru Tendillanes turning to the left to ascend the watershed. The path continues flanked in some parts by limestone outcrops and offers splendid views of peaks, the Cabeza l’Aruc to the south and Mayáu los Fresnos to the north, in whose direction the path leads.

As the path descends it changes into a track that reaches the shepherd’s hut and pen where the water channel from Los Arrudos to Gijón passes. You now have two options to finish the day: take the path descending to the east to the bottom of the Nozalin stream’ valley, following its course to return to Agues, or take the western track that goes to the Porciles shepherd’s hut and pen and then descend to the Retortoriu bridge where you return to Soto on the same path as the beginning of the walk.